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A Natural Herbal Remedy For Cancer: Lemongrass Tea

Natural Herbal Remedy What if you could grow a plant with powerful anti-cancer properties? A Natural Herbal Remedy for cancer may sound too good to be true, but scientists are excited about the cancer fighting chemicals found in lemongrass. Lemongrass (Cymbopopogum Citrates) is a perennial plant native to India and Nepal and recent research at the University of Ben Gurion in Israel has isolated the chemical in Lemongrass that makes it function as a natural herbal cancer remedy. You read that right, a Natural Herbal Remedy for cancer!

Researchers first discovered that the lemon smell in herbs like Lemongrass had the ability to kill cancer cells in vitro while leaving healthy cells unharmed, according to the website The potential for a Natural Herbal Remedy for cancer led scientists to instigate a study to identify the active ingredient in Lemongrass which works as too kill cancerous cells. Research was led by Dr. Rivka Ofir and Professor Yakov Weinstein, of Ben Gurion University, and the compound Citral was indentified as the agent that works as a natural herbal remedy for cancer it was reported by

Citral, which gives the lemon aroma to Lemon Verbena and Melissa as well as Lemongrass, functions as a natural herbal remedy for cancer by instigating 'apoptosis' in cancer cells reports. Apoptosis, or 'cell suicide' is a programmed cell death that does not release any harmful substance into surrounding areas and cells according to the definition at A concentrate of Lemongrass equivalent to drinking one cup of Lemongrass tea was added to both cancerous cells and normal healthy cells, the healthy cells remained healthy while the cancerous cells began to die off, according to the interview of Dr. Ofir by This research proves that Lemongrass works as a natural herbal remedy for cancer, and the compound Citral specifically works as a natural herbal remedy for cancer.

A natural remedy for cancer, Lemongrass can easily be grown in the garden or as a potted plant. Lemongrass is widely available at the produce stand and in Asian groceries. Would you ever have guessed a natural herbal remedy for cancer could be found at your local grocery? Lemongrass is an ingredient in many dishes but the easiest way to take this natural herbal remedy for cancer is as a tea. With Lemongrass tea you can either purchase the bag of tea or just pick or purchase leaves of Lemongrass. Lemongrass leaves can be fresh or dried, either way they are potent as a natural herbal remedy for cancer. When using Lemongrass for cooking, the fibrous outer parts of the leaves are discarded these parts are fine to use when making tea. A soothing cup of Lemongrass tea is a pleasure to smell and taste and now it is known to have an added benefit as a natural herbal remedy for cancer.


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