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Investigating Human Immortality: Chronic Inflammation

Natural Cures For Strep Throat Inflammation is a necessary function of the body when it comes to fighting infection, but scientists have now connected it to serious age related diseases such as heart attack, stroke and even cancer. This comes from a theory established in the 1970s by a British biologist, Tom Kirkwood'"the Theory of the Disposable Soma. In other words, inflammation causes children to better fight infection so that they can grow up and reproduce, but after they reproduce, they are no longer required. Thus, the same inflammation that causes the youth to survive infection causes the aged to die.

The problem with making the connection is that the results of the inflammation from childhood may not show up until well into adulthood. If a child gets strep throat and the inflammation causes a dysfunction in one of the valves of the heart, then the person is not likely to die until he is much older. It is only through the sharp eye of a statistician that this correlation can be made. Only recently has it been discovered that an adult who was sick as a child has a 15 percent more likely chance of developing heart problems and chronic lung diseases than a healthy child.

The reasoning for this is that inflammation is caused by inflammatory proteins such as CRP (C-reactive proteins). People who live in areas where they are exposed to chronic diseases consistently have higher levels of CRP in their systems than people who do not. Periodontitis have correlated gum disease with strokes and heart disease because of the elevated levels of CRP in patients who have inflammation in their gums from periodontal disease.

With the advent of antibiotics and other medications, better medical treatments, and cleaner living conditions, we have the lowest number of childhood mortality than ever before. With this lessoning of inflammation during childhood, the same person, as an adult, is less likely to die from the diseases closely related to childhood inflammation. The catch twenty-two is that now more and more illnesses are showing up in children such as asthma, which have been attributed to the over-use of medications such as antibiotics. We seem to be losing our natural immunities to other diseases.

This ties into the evolutionary perspective of survival of the fittest. Inflammation cures the young, who are then able to grow up and reproduce, making the individual a "Disposable Soma." The very thing that cures the young is what kills the old, who after the age of reproduction is virtual evolutionary trash.


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